The Tesla net worth has divided opinions. Some feel that the company is overvalued, while others believe that its value will skyrocket over the next few years.

Electric cars divide opinions. Some argue that they aren’t quite as ‘green’ as they seem. For others it’s a question of reliability. Tesla, a big player in the EV market, also divides opinions on the stock market.

CEO Elon Musk has stated many times that the Tesla stock price is overvalued. Tesla shares are priced at around $315, which is far higher than the price of the three biggest car makers, Toyota, Volkswagen and GM. However, others feel that the price matches the huge potential of the electric car manufacturers.


Tesla net worth: What does the future hold?

Tesla found success as a high-end car maker. Prior to their arrival, the market was filled with unattractive options. The idea of environmentally friendly cars has always been popular. However, for a long time the final product wasn’t.

The Tesla Roadster, the company’s first car, looked and drove like a sports car. Despite the price, people were willing to pay for an electric car that came with very few differences to a regular petrol car.


Their growth in revenue and popularity has allowed them to dominate the EV industry. Likewise, they already boast superior technology to their rivals. Yet, they are spending more money on further research.

The company hopes to move out of the luxury car market and release SUV, pickup truck and convertible models in the near future. However, it’s their self-driving car technology that is likely to see the company’s value spike.

Tesla is currently leading the way in the race to produce the first ever autonomous car. Musk believes that the company can produce a self-driving model by 2019.

Likewise, there are also plans in place for Tesla to launch an app capable of rivaling ride hailing app Uber. Experts believe that the value of an autonomous taxi market is approximately $2 trillion. Tesla hopes that they can gain control of that market.

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It is people gambling on these future plans that have pushed the value of Tesla up.  As a result, Tesla’s market cap currently stands at $51.6 billion. That figure should climb over the next few years. Although, only if things go to plan for the high tech car makers.

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