A transformational leader is key to ensuring that your organisation remains relevant in an era of unpredictable global megatrends.

Businesses have to plan for rapid adaptation in order to weather unexpected industry risks.

Furthermore, the power dynamic between producers and consumers is shifting due to factors such as technological innovation and social change.

Resources in the form of social networking maximise the cross pollination of ideas. Consequently, customers now insist on transparency through consistent and clear communication.

Therefore, in order to remain flourishing contributions to local and global markets, organisations must recognise transformational skills within their leaders.

Transformational leader: why your business is a success - Compelo

A transformational leader is more than vapid charisma, however.

Qualities such as a sincere desire to motivate, and encourage others partly define this type of leader. Their ability to inspire within a positive work environment is necessary to achieve higher and more consistent performance.

Other vital characteristics to this position include empowering others through personal accomplishment. While communication is paramount to any professional endeavour, this type of leader should also be a role model.

In light of this point, studies show that people will mimic the actions of individuals whose behaviour is rewarded. When they see that certain patterns of conduct praised or positively acknowledged, then they will model their own behaviour accordingly.

The term for this process is vicarious reinforcement, a fundamental element in the success behind positive role models.

Transformational leader: why your business is a success - Compelo

Thus, a transformational leader needs to foster modelling in others as part of their efforts of cultivating positive change.

A leader that can inspire and motivate a workforce is integral to businesses that aim to be adaptable to fluctuating market trends.

The global business community continually faces complex challenges born from the breakneck speed that innovations are altering industries.

As such, CEOs and other high ranking professionals could benefit from transformation exercises orchestrated by a qualified and passionate leader.

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