CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos turned to the Twitterati for ideas to help people in the here and now. While he usually has his sites on long-term goals, this time he’s focusing on real-time philanthropy.

Jeff Bezos is a pretty wealthy guy.

In fact, if the Bloomberg Billionaire Index is anything to go by, he’s the second richest person in the world.

Thus, his net worth stands at an unfathomable $82.8bn (£64.85).

However, he’s not too far behind Bill Gates, whose value stands at $89.4bn (£70bn).

So what’s a billionaire to do with all that cash?

While Bezos actively pursues his humanitarian goals with space exploration project Blue Origin, these efforts will render future fruits.

Yet, the influential CEO wants to do more.

And he wants to do it now.


Twitterati an unlikely source for inspiration

For most of us who don’t know Bezos personally, we can still easily see his incredible sense of drive.

If anyone has any doubts, that person can look at the evolution of Amazon. Bezos built it from an online bookshop startup, to a presence that dominates the entire retail industry.

Although turning to Twitter for inspirational ideas might seem unconventional, the idea puts him in touch with current, real-life issues.

Part of his Tweet reads:

“I’m thinking about a philanthropy strategy that is the opposite of how I mostly spend my time - working on the long term.

“For philanthropy, I find I’m drawn to the other end of the spectrum: the right now”.

Furthermore, he has a large pool of resources from which to garner charitable insight.

So far he’s received 15,000 responses in 24 hours from his 230,000 Twitter followers.

Ideas run from fantastic to foolish.


Those that took the request seriously suggested aiding the young and homeless.

Others however, asked for personal loans and assistance.

Those of us who are following his charitable brainstorming will have to wait and see to what extent social media will be of assistance.

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