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YouTube net worth: Step away from the cat video and read this

We use it to get lost in our favourite weird videos and random tutorials, and the YouTube net worth reflects our obsession.

Social media is the answer to our voyeuristic prayers, and an enduring global influence.

Sick of carrying your binoculars around when spying on that special someone?

Sore from crouching behind those same old prickly bushes?

Then whip out your smart device, and see what the world of social networking has in store for you.

YouTube net worth: Built by Peeping Toms?

These days, peeking into other people’s lives has never been easier. Or even more permissible.

In fact, the idea of “Following” and “Liking” snippets of someone else’s life is not only allowed, it’s even encouraged.

Consequently, sites like YouTube are the windows into a stranger’s soul.

Although a far cry from the violating (and creepy) undertones of stalking, YouTube invites us to observe one another.

As such, it’s a treasure trove of music, information, idle time wasting, and intense debate in the comments section.

YouTube net worth: Channel your inspiration

In 2005 friends Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim created YouTube.

The trio all met by working at PayPal when it was still a humble start up. At first, they wanted to create a dating site via video called “Tune In Hook Up.”

Whether through divine intervention or timely amnesia, the dating idea never took off.

However, fate led them to their current success through the auspicious malfunction of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe.

Supposedly, YouTube was born from Karim’s inability to find footage of the pop idol’s racy moment online.

Thus, the idea of creating a source for video clips on the web came into being.


You know you’re famous when you become a verb

YouTube’s initial success was such that Google bought it in 2006. The global company paid a sweet $1.65bn (£1.28bn) for the pleasure.

While individual users first started to upload videos to the site, it’s now a major source of advertising for businesses.

In fact, some companies such as CBS, BBC, Hulu and Vevo have created partnership programs with YouTube.

Furthermore, the power of social media influencers has changed the landscape of the media platform.

Their tutorials range from beauty tips, to how to make a fruit salad. Thus, YouTube is a font of knowledge for the modern viewer.

Additionally, it’s become so popular that when people search for certain footage on the site, they “YouTube it”.

Due to the fact that that YouTube belongs to Google, its exact net worth is hard to pin down.

However, the site’s growing popularity and high level of global engagement has sparked generous numbers by pundits.

In 2015 an analyst from Bank of America valued it as $70bn (£50bn).

Furthermore, experts today label it as a mind-boggling $90b0n (£70bn).

Did enjoy, “YouTube net worth: Step away from the cat video and read this”?

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